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A Voice Nanny AI for Google Home

Independent Study| 8 Weeks | Product Strategy

Utilizing voice technology to find micro moments of "me time" for overworked parents


It’s important for parents to regularly refuel their mental and emotional engines. That means taking a break from parenting to make sure their individual needs are met. But it’s difficult for parents to break away from constant parent mode especially when they are the solo stay-at-home caregiver of their child, leading to burnout.


BOBO is a digital voice nanny that accompanies a child in routine tasks throughout the day, creating micro moments for overworked parents to refresh and recharge. 


A Rise in Overcommitted Parenting

New studies are showing that parents are increasingly setting high expectations for themselves and their children, obsessing over trying to raise their child perfectly, which eventually leads to parental burnout. Stay-at-home parents who are without an extra pair of hands are most susceptible to burnout because they are with their child 24/7.

*Roskam I, Raes M-E and Mikolajczak M (2017) Exhausted Parents: Development and Preliminary Validation of the Parental Burnout Inventory. Front. Psychol. 8:163. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00163


When a parent feels depleted, reacting to their kid with patience and love becomes a big challenge. But for many solo stay-at-home caregivers, finding time to focus on themselves is a luxury that seems unaffordable. 

How can we help parents manage their child so that they can have some much needed time to themselves?


Parents equate love to the time they put into raising their child 

 Children equate love to how long their parents give them attention

'Love = length of time spent together'




A voice based digital AI nanny that guides a child through specific routine activities that don’t require constant human adult supervision. 

BOBO allows for children to be guided through routine activities in a fun and patient manner while it frees the parents to enjoy pockets of much needed time to themselves. 

By nurturing a child's capability of doing activities without parental supervision,  BOBO also helps build autonomy and responsibility.


wash & change

clean up


wake up


A key thing that I heard from interviews was the fear of technology taking over households in a negative way. Parents worried about children being unable to recognize that voice AIs were not real people, and they were uncomfortable with someone, or in this case something having a conversation with their child outside of their supervision. 

BOBO lets Google utilize technology to provide a helping hand at home in a manner families can feel comfortable with. Moments between AI and child are limited to specific routines that are focused on helping develop a child's autonomous mind set rather than replacing special moments that reinforce the bond between a child and parent. And by giving the parent some time to themselves, BOBO helps the moments together become a more engaging and loving experience. 


Enhance interactions between parent and child instead of replacing them


Help child develop autonomy and responsibility


Inspire delight, reduce stress


Be flexible and easy to use



  • Parent follows child around all day to complete activities

  • No time for parent to have to themselves

  • Thinning patience with child

  • Moments together are draining


  • Child grows independence by doing activities without parental supervision

  • Parent recharges and refreshes throughout the day

  • Parent is able to have more patience with child once their own needs are met

  • Moments together are intentional

Snapshot of user journey at bedtime

By accompanying the child through the routine of getting ready for bed and staying in bed until the child falls asleep, BOBO not only creates time pockets for parents, it reduces stress for them. When they come in to tuck their child in for bed, they can fully enjoy the special moment they have with each other without the lingering effects of a stressful activity



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