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When I was eight I asked my mum for a doctor playset.
She opened her cutlery drawer and let me pick out a butter knife instead. 
I took the knife and my little brother, hacked away at tree branches for a week, and dammed up a creek to build our own swimming pool. 
Hi I'm                   . I'm a strategist,
and I'd like to help make your butter knife a swimming pool. 

I started nomadic life at the age of three, living and studying across 6 different countries and 10 different cities

I’ve always been an alien in a foreign land- curious and observant of new ideas, cultures, people and ways of doing things. 


Being an alien I like to look at situations with different lenses, put myself in different shoes and ask a lot of questions.


My approach to problem-solving is to wonder why things are the way they are and explore what they could be.


It’s funny how as I experience more difference, I see how connected unrelated people, things, ideas and ultimately problems show themselves to be. 


So I keep an open mind and try to hold onto a healthy intuition. 

Here's a peek into the last two years of my #brandcenterbasementlife